Structural Futures Committee

Our Structural Futures Committee studies trends that may impact the structural engineering profession and develops related resources and events.

The committee considers how structural engineering’s approach, skills and knowledge base will need to change in response to an evolving industry.

The committee works closely with the Engineering Leadership Group and the Head of Technical Secretariat Services to determine strategic priorities: how, where and when to supply members with related resources, training and events.

The committee also provides direction and oversight of the Digital Workflows and Computational Design Panel.


  • Chair
  • Chairs of reporting Panels
  • Up to 14 other members
  • Corresponding members


Get involved:

Membership of the Structural Futures Committee is a way to share your knowledge, provide thought leadership, and help prepare the profession for future challenges.

It also makes a valuable contribution to your Continuing Professional Development.

As a member you will attend four meetings a year, helping to shape the direction of Institution activity in the area of Structural Futures, with full access to all committee documents. You will undertake some work between meetings.

We invite expressions of interest in committee membership each September, contacting all members except Student Members.

Contact the committee if you have questions about their work. 

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Featured events and resources

The Structural Engineer
Blockchain technology illustration

Rebuilding trust with blockchain technology

Alastair Low-Macrae argues that blockchain technology may hold the key to some of the issues around trust and transparency that the industry is currently grappling with, particularly in the context of BIM.

Date ‐ 1 February 2022
Author ‐ Alastair Low-Macrae
Price ‐ £9
Blue abstract blocks

The ACORN, the SQUIRREL and the OAK

The poster of the 2021 Coolest Concrete Award winner, Robin Oval, Postdoctoral Research Associate at University of Cambridge.

Date ‐ 7 February 2022
Author ‐ Robin Oval
Price ‐ Free
Blue abstract blocks

Thin-shell textile reinforced concrete floors for low-carbon buildings

The poster of the 2020 Coolest Concrete Award runner up, Will Hawkins.

Date ‐ 7 February 2022
Author ‐ Will Hawkins
Price ‐ Free
Blue abstract blocks

Circular economy panel debate

A technical debate around practical approaches towards implementing the circular economy within structural engineering and the construction industry.

Date ‐ 7 January 2022
Author ‐ Laura Batty, Andrea Charlson, Penny Gowler and Charlie Wedgwood
Price ‐ 0
The Structural Engineer
<h4>Viewpoint: Embracing probability: could big data spell the end of safety factors as we know them?</h4>

Viewpoint: Embracing probability: could big data spell the end of safety factors as we know them?

Arthur Coates calls on structural engineers to push for the adoption of post-monitoring sensors to provide better data on building performance and, ultimately, more accurate loading predictions.

Date ‐ 31 March 2021
Author ‐ Arthur Coates
Price ‐ £9
View of a complex road junction from above

Should COVID-19 change society's direction of travel?

What we can learn from the COVID-19 pandemic? Kate Leighton gives an opinion from a UK perspective.

Date ‐ 30 March 2020
Author ‐ Kate Leighton FIStructE
Price ‐ 0
Homes in Goldsmith Street, Norwich

Innovation in house design

Richard Lankshear MIStructE discusses the Stirling Prize winning Goldsmith Street and how evolving home design will require the specialist skills of the structural engineer.

Date ‐ 11 October 2019
Author ‐ Richard Lankshear MIStructE
Price ‐ 0
The Structural Engineer
<h4>Viewpoint: Which way now for codes and standards: Prescription, performance-based or what?</h4>

Viewpoint: Which way now for codes and standards: Prescription, performance-based or what?

Stuart Matthews considers the potential benefits – and difficulties – of developing performance- or outcomes-based codes of practice and standards.

Date ‐ 1 May 2019
Author ‐ S. Matthews
Price ‐ £9

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Related resources and events

<h4>International conference on innovation and resilience in concrete (partner content)</h4>

International conference on innovation and resilience in concrete (partner content)

The fifteenth international conference on concrete engineering and technology - virtual event from 5 to 8 December 2022.

Date ‐ 5 December 2022
Price ‐ To be advised
<h4>Using steel in changing times</h4>

Using steel in changing times

Attend this e-conference to learn how to use steel in an effective and sustainable way in changing times.

Date ‐ 22 November 2022
Location ‐ Online
Price ‐ £45 - £275 + VAT
A Bastwick Street Conference underway

Annual academic conference 2022

A conference dedicated to best practices in integrating climate emergency teaching into academic curricula, and professionalism and ethics in both academic environments and workplaces.

Date ‐ 15 September 2022
Location ‐ The Institution of Structural Engineers
Price ‐ Free
<h4>Young engineers conference 2022</h4>

Young engineers conference 2022

The theme of this year's conference is about regeneration to climate action: how young engineers can shape the design brief of the future

Date ‐ 15 July 2022
Location ‐ University of Salford
Price ‐ £39 - £59 + VAT
<h4>Digital ambitions of the engineering industry in 2022 (sponsored content)</h4>

Digital ambitions of the engineering industry in 2022 (sponsored content)

A sponsored webinar by Deltek about the current trends and digital ambitions in the engineering industry.

Date ‐ 12 July 2022
Location ‐ Online
Price ‐ Free
<h4>Using concrete in a changing environment e-conference</h4>

Using concrete in a changing environment e-conference

This inaugural e-conference is dedicated to helping structural engineers understand how to assess, strengthen and reuse existing concrete structures to extend their life and reduce the impact the built environment profession has on the environment.

Date ‐ 5 July 2022
Location ‐ Online
Price ‐ £45 - £275 + VAT
The Structural Engineer
General scheme of the input motion path during a seismic events

Spotlight on Structures (July 2022)

Congratulations to the winners of the Structures prizes 2022! The prizes celebrate the best papers published in the journal in 2021 and recognise both more fundamental research and research likely to have a tangible impact on practice.

Date ‐ 1 July 2022
Author ‐ Institution of Structural Engineers
Price ‐ £0
The Structural Engineer
Ground slab incorporating Concretene

Research update (July 2022)

In the first instalment of a new feature in collaboration with the IStructE Research Panel, we discover how graphene is being used to enhance concrete at the University of Manchester, and learn about a new approach to the documentation and assessment of masonry structures using geometric digital twins which has been developed at the University of Leeds.

Date ‐ 1 July 2022
Author ‐ Institution of Structural Engineers
Price ‐ £9
Blue abstract blocks

Extreme dynamic loading by humans on footbridges

A poster from a project funded by the Institution’s 2020/21 Undergraduate Research Grants.

Date ‐ 22 June 2022
Price ‐ Free