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International World Day for Safety and Health at Work

This brief blog from Phil Baker offers some pointers on engaging with health and safety in the workplace.

The International World Day for Safety and Health at Work is in April each year, and it is an opportunity for us to reflect on our health and safety and its impact on our colleagues and industry in general.  

It is an opportunity to consider what we might do differently, both as individuals and as an industry, to reduce the number of incidents in the workplace. For example, have you considered:

  • Introducing peer review into your design process to ensure that it is robust as well as carbon sensitive
  • Working more closely and earlier with the Principal Designer on coordination and buildability reviews and documenting residual risks
  • Adding ‘learning from failure’ to your CPD by regularly reviewing the CROSS Safety Alerts and other sources of information
  • How your performance affects the mental health of others and how you could have a positive impact on their wellbeing
  • A back to basics review by re-reading some of the Institution’s health and safety guides

Whatever you choose to do, make today the starting point to bring new focus to your design activities.

Philip Baker


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