Research Award

The Institution's Research Fund awards grants every two years to support high quality research into structural engineering.

We look for new, innovative projects or proposals to develop ongoing research. A portion of this research must be conducted within a university.

Topics for study


Applications based on our industry focussed research themes are encouraged, but you are welcome to cover other topics.



  • Either a university researcher or industrial partner may apply
  • Your application form must be completed and signed by both an industry and academic partner
  • Your application may be for work that forms part of a larger project. In this case your application must state exactly what part of the project the grant will fund
  • Research can be conducted by an individual or group at any career stage

Applications will be assessed on:

  • Technical quality
  • Extent to which project develops a working relationship (new or existing) between research and industry partners

Additional assessment criteria:

  • Impact to industry
  • Benefit to IStructE members
  • Benefit to society
  • Value for money

We also encourage pilot studies that may not attract conventional Research Council funding.

Please submit your application in English.

Conditions of the grant


Funding can be split between the university and industrial partner, although it is more likely that the majority will go to the academic partner.

The grant may be used by an academic partner for materials, test equipment, software, modest travel costs (less than £1,000), and salary for researcher or lab technicians.

Funds going to an industry partner can be spent on equipment and software but not on staff costs. The industry partner can support the project through funding, equipment and materials for researchers, mentoring and supervising work.

By accepting the grant you agree to:

  • write a report about the research after the project has finished
  • give a presentation about the project or display a poster at a Regional Group evening technical meeting
  • allow all project details to appear on

The £6,000 grant will be paid in two installments: £5,000 upfront and £1,000 on delivery of a project summary.

You may be asked to present your research at additional IStructE events, although this is not a condition of the award.


More information


Please note: the interactive form will automatically open in your browser. If you are unable to type text into the form, please select the option to download in your browser to save the document to your computer.


Previous winners


The executive summary from a 2018 Research Award winning project.

Publish Date ‐ 2 August 2021

Price ‐ Free


The executive summary from a 2018 Research Award-winning project. The project worked to experimentally explore and numerically describe the ductile behaviour of hollow steel sections in cyclical loading in the inelastic range.

Publish Date ‐ 9 October 2020

Price ‐ Free


A report summarising a 2018 Research Award-winning project. The project developed recommendations for the casting position factor !1 used in the determination of basic bond strength of reinforcement in EC2.

Publish Date ‐ 9 October 2020

Price ‐ Free

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