We value diversity and the perspectives people from different backgrounds bring to the engineering profession. We work with other professional bodies and our members to identify and remove barriers to anyone becoming a structural engineer.

David Knight has helped design amazing projects around the world, like the Philippine Arena in Manilla and the Greenwich Reach Swing Bridge in London. Here he gives five reasons why structural engineering makes a great career.
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Climate change: What are you going to do about it?

Five leading structural engineers explain why we need to take our professional responsibility seriously and commit to doing things better, starting today.

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<h4>Designing things that matter</h4>

Designing things that matter

Angeliki Palla visited Stebon School in East London to give a talk to children about the amazing scope of structural engineering careers.

<h4>How to become a structural engineer</h4>

How to become a structural engineer

Your journey to becoming a structural engineer starts with academic study or an apprenticeship.