Design and Construction
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Design and Construction

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As structural engineers it is important that we are at the forefront of developments and innovations within the built environment including the need to be aware of the challenges and wider considerations associated with projects.

Structural engineers need to consider and understand the buildability of their designs, ensuring that the structures can be built and maintained, considering the potential for their future modifications and dismantling for re-use at the end of their useful life to ensure that the structures we design today meet the needs of society now and in the future.

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Modern methods of construction

MMC are characterised by the use of innovative construction materials and practices, and typically minimising labour-intensive works carried out on site. The use of MMC aims to increase efficiency, reduce waste, enhance sustainability, ensure consistent quality...

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It has never been more important for structural engineers to be competent in the use of a range of materials and demonstrate an awareness of the potential risks and opportunities associated with their material choices.

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