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Our busy international events programme provides great opportunities for members to network with peers and develop their knowledge.


face-to-face events are currently suspended due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Explore our expanding range of online events, including webinars, for other CPD opportunities.

CPD courses, conferences and other face-to-face events will resume in the autumn.

We offer a programme of events at HQ and around the world including:
and trained tailoring for structural engineers including:

Upcoming events and training courses

Exam preparation
<h4>Chartered Membership exam preparation course</h4>

Chartered Membership exam preparation course

The North Thames Regional Group's preparation course for the Chartered Membership exam.

Date ‐ 22 September 2021
Price ‐ £300 (VAT exempt)
looking up to sky surrounded by building

Client appointments and terms of engagement: a legal toolkit (online)

This course enables engineers to read, evaluate and negotiate confidently the commercial or legal terms of proposed contracts with clients.

Date ‐ 23 September 2021
Price ‐ £295 - £465
two people shaking hands

Dealing with domestic clients (online)

This half day online course assists engineers working in the domestic sector for householders or small business people.

Date ‐ 30 September 2021
Price ‐ £145 - £235
steel roof

Steel essentials - practical design of structural steelwork (online)

This online course presents practical guidance on key aspects of preliminary scheme development and detailed scheme design in structural steelwork.

Date ‐ 4 October 2021
Price ‐ £255 - £395
Amesbury School detail

Eurocode 5: the essentials of timber design (online)

This online course offers an introduction to base and loadings Eurocodes and timber design to Eurocode 5.

Date ‐ 4 October 2021
Price ‐ £255 - £395
hong kong high rises

Lateral stability to building structures (online)

This half day online course covers the methods by which the lateral stability of a building structure is achieved.

Date ‐ 5 October 2021
Price ‐ £125 - £195
Timber roof structure of Macallan Distillery

Timber workshop: design through worked examples (online)

This advanced practical workshop will teach complex timber engineering through worked examples. It encourages problem-solving through teaching tools and group discussion.

Date ‐ 5 October 2021
Price ‐ £255 - £395
<h4>Temporary works design (online)</h4>

Temporary works design (online)

This two day online course provides participants with an understanding of the basic principles of temporary works design.

Date ‐ 11 October 2021
Price ‐ £415 - £635
calculator on top of a balance sheet

Financial fundamentals

This course provides an overview of accounting principles, an explanation of the jargon used, and an understanding of how the three key financial documents are produced.

Date ‐ 19 October 2021
Location ‐ The Institution of Structural Engineers
Price ‐ £295 - £465
imposing structure pointing to the sky

Understanding structural design (online)

This two day online course extends the principles developed in the Understanding structural behaviour course to more complex, real structures and the all important skills of approximate analysis for checking computer output and member sizing.

Date ‐ 20 October 2021
Price ‐ £415 - £635
construction site with foundations and piling

Eurocode 7: foundation design for small practitioners (online)

This course covers aspects of the geotechnical and structural design of spread and piled foundations. Tailored for engineers working in small practices. The content is compliant with Eurocodes 2 and 7, with opportunities for comparisons with relevant British Standards.

Date ‐ 22 October 2021
Price ‐ £255 - £295
Presenting work at the 2018 Young Researchers Conference

Business skills for engineers (online)

This two day online course gives an overview of all the essential business tools needed by graduate engineers to make the best progress in their early career.

Date ‐ 26 October 2021
Price ‐ £545 - £835

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